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I am one of those strange people that actually likes to go to the dentist...now that I have found Dr. Bonnie Hiers.  I have total confidence in her recommendations and have been happy with every result.  Bonnie has a great personality and makes me very comfortable about the examination.  In fact, everyone of Bonnie's team makes me feel welcome and calm.  I am always met with big smiles and a true interest in my life.  Dr. Hiers is up-to-date on all new procedures and talks me through every exam and discusses all possible solutions to any problems.  My teeth have never been in better hands.


~Randy Allen





" It has come to my attention via my dental records that I have seen Dr. Hiers since 1994. Seems like a long time ago. I saw her while she was practicing Dentistry in Greenbelt, then Laurel, and now in her own new practice in Ellicott City, MD. I asked around when my dentist retired in 1993 about finding a new practice to go to, and a friend (Dental Hygienist) recommended Dr. Hiers. Over the years I have had many  a recommendation from stocks to buy, places to vacation and cars to own, but in all the years this has been the best recommendation I have acted on.  Dr. Hiers as been great helping me plan my oral dental schedules so we stay atop of any preventative care needs to prevent any major emergencies down the road. Getting older means staying with a plan to make sure my dental care requirements  don't spring up any surprises. I highly recommend Dr. Hiers, as she will not disappoint, and if you have a smallish mouth like I do, I can tell you it's great to work with a dentist with small hands and surgical precision. I know this may get edited out of the testimonial but who wants a dentist with BIG hands after all. Dr. Hiers' practice is cheerful and upbeat and as long as she owns her practice I will continue to support her, as I have found a keeper in her trusted hands. Hope your search turns out to be as good as mine was back in 1994"






When my dentist of some 35 years retired, I started looking for a replacement.  I asked his staff for referrals and, without exception, Dr. Hiers was identified.  Dr. Hiers was an associate of his before she started her own practice in the early 90's.

I've been under Dr. Hiers' care for nearly a year now. I literally turned myself in, and on the first appointment last July, I gave her carte blanc to perform her magic.  I haven't been disappointed. Dr. Hiers is the consummate professional, a perfectionist and truly loves her work.

 She developed a dental plan (my road map to oral health) and within six months, I was ready for my teeth to be straightened after a series of crowns, veneers and whitening.  My straightening regime requires me to present myself every three weeks and, I actually look forward to it.  Her talent amazes me.

I can't thank Dr. Hiers enough.  She and her staff  really take patient care to heart.

~ Pat K.

Columbia, Maryland.


Dr. Bonnie Hiers is AWESOME!! She has repaired and fixed my smile countless times. She always finds ways to save you money and make you look and feel good. She is very professional and never wants you to be uncomfortable or unhappy. Her staff is very friendly and courteous. The hygienists are professional and thorough. I highly recommend Dr. Bonnie Hiers, DDS and her staff to anyone in need of a good dentist.

 Paula Rose


Dr. Bonnie Hiers is and has always been such a great dentist. Her concern and care for me was unmatched since my first appointment more than 20 years ago when I was looking for a good dentist, since I had bad experiences with other dentists. I would never go to another dentist ever again and I recommend her highly to anyone that expect only the best of dental care. !!!!

Oscar Banderas

Aspen Hill, Maryland


I have had the pleasure to have been a patient of Dr. Bonnie Hiers since 1988...and I say the "pleasure" because before that time I had some unpleasant experiences with other Dentists and Orthodontists. Bonnie Hiers is not just a Dentist---she is an "Artiste"! If you need a crown or a cap or a filling, you won't be able to tell the real from the replacement !

Paul Myers


We have been through a LOT of dentists over the years, and are so happy to have found Bonnie and her entire staff. She really wants to know her patients, and to give us what we need without any sales pitches. Everyone in the office reflects her caring and good humor. They are a pleasure to deal with, and we are lucky to have her treat our whole family.

David Beveridge


I switched to Dr Hiers after having a terrible 'root canal gone bad' scenario with another doctor - she was able to see me immediately as I had a swollen jaw and a raging infection which can be very dangerous. Along with her excellent set of colleagues she was able to take me out of danger and save the tooth. Dr Hiers is an excellent technician and a perfectionist and I trust her implicitly.

Joe Quattrone


One only has to read other reviews to see how much Dr. Hiers means to her patients. I have had nothing but excellent care. She supports her recommended treatment by explain the reasoning behind her decision. She and her staff go out of their way to make me feel comfortable in the office. I only trust Dr. Hiers to take care of my teeth and gums.

Randy Allen




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